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I was at work, the day of the big softball game between the home team and a team from the west coast. This was a once in a lifetime even, and I was stuck at work. However, I decided that a free fake doctors note would free me up for the big game.

I knew that the excuse had to be something that was believable. Therefore, I looked for a free example of a Dr note online that would be perfect for work or play. Believe me, my supervisor is difficult to fool with shoddy excuses.

I decided that what I required was something that was like a template. Something that only required the user to fill in the blanks. You know, something like Bob can’t come to work because of blank, or Sally has a blank and has to rest for blank days.

I looked around for the perfect dr excuse note template. Looking around for just the right Dr excuse templates was very frustrating. It is important to understand the seriousness of the situation. This is not something to take lightly. My job security depends on finding an authentic looking excuse template. Certainly, there are thousands of examples online. Some of the fake notes are free, while others charge you a fee for the excuse. Many are the type that fits any situation while others are easy to customize.

I looked through numerous samples. I wondered if I should pick one that was about an emergency or simply about a general situation. Certainly, my supervisor would want to know more about an emergency situation. Therefore, I decided on a more generalized excuse template. I finally decided on a template that was short, sweet, and straight to the point. I am certain that this fake note will work for the situation and missing work a few days.

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Aug 302014

Sometimes you just can’t be asked to get out of bed and go into class, or to roll into the office. Maybe it’s because you’re genuinely sick, or maybe it’s because you just need a day off of work, but you can’t make yourself go in. If you want to smooth over your transition back into the classroom or office after your impromptu day off though, it helps if you have the right forms.

Like a doctors excuse.

Templates For A Dr Excuse

You don’t actually have to go to the hospital in order to get a doctor’s note for work, all you need is a software suite that gives you all of the excuses you’ll ever need. Just looking at a free sample of the documents shows that they’re tailored for every kind of visit, using the same kind of template that most medical facilities use.

It’s important to remember that an ace in the hole is only good when you save it for a rainy day, though.

Whether you’re actually sick and can’t afford to go to the hospital, or you just need an impromptu vacation day a doctor’s note can smooth things over with school or work administrators. You hand over your note, they put it in your file, and call it a day. If you start taking too many days off though, someone’s going to take a closer look at your notes. That someone might even attempt to call the hospital it’s supposedly for to check and make sure you were actually there and not at home playing video games when you were supposed to be working.

A fake doctor’s note is a great prop for making a story about how you had to go to the doctor more believable. But it only works if you don’t get caught. You might want to download a printable doctor’s excuse from my favorite website source of this product.


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Jul 302014

Need a break from work, say a week or two? Yet you just can think of a reason to visit your doctor to have him write you a medical reason for a short leave of absence. Perhaps you need to extend that spring break an extra week, but your doctor won’t agree that you need a week off to recover from parting.
Whatever the reason, who hasn’t needed a well-deserved break that only  doctor notes can provide? After all, our modern world, where all work and no play makes for a stressful life.
Now there’s a trend online to will help worker and student bees alike to create more down time, or extra hours to study for a big and upcoming exam. There are full-fledged companies that make a profit creating templates, that most cases these notes are scrutinized by teachers in local high schools. However it doesn’t hurt to be cautious, since human resources in most companies have a sharper eye for these things.

If you need doctors notes templates, go here.
Not the creative type? No need to fret since these online companies not only has templates to suit whether you need an excuse to get away from work, school, or any other full time occupation. But they also have a plethora of excuses to choose from.


Fake Doctor’s Note

Society today seems to have very little regard to having a little bit of down time every now-and-then. With the amount of vacation and sick days decreasing alarmingly fast in public education and the work-place, sometimes you need that excuse that will get you out of the grind without any repercussions. The perfect means to accomplish that is simply faking a doctor’s note. Let’s face it, whether your in school or work full-time, your superior is a stern taskmaster regardless. A principal or manager is not likely to buy any one of possible (and often times legitimate) excuses as to why you didn’t show up, and getting your local doctor to write a note could just be costly due to the visit. But considering how easy it is to copy the template of an excuse note, with a little bit of mimicry the only trained professional you’ll need to see is “Dr. Feelgood”. Are you really going to risk going through all of your leave of absences before a real emergency arises, or are you willing to take the few minutes it takes to make your own excuse worthy of any doctor’s scrawled signature? The only prescription you need is an occasional day off with a doctor excuse.  Then you can be without any worries of getting in trouble for it.

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Dec 202013

  3 doctors excusesToday’s world is one that is filled with stress and frustration; heavy work loads, bills and day to day life in general have a way of draining and stressing a person. The truly sad part to this is that if too much of this type of stress is allowed to build up it can have some serious repercussions such as inducing illness, mental and physical exhaustion and even depression if this situation is left untreated long enough. Years ago this type of situation was remedied by simply taking a day or two off of work and simply relaxing. However, today’s fast paced world doesn’t seem to allow for that type of luxury with deadlines and due dates and such for work projects; add to that the restrictions that employers tend to place on scheduling vacation time and it’s not really any wonder why there are so many people overstressed, overworked and on the edge. The good news is that the remedy to the problem has pretty much remained the same; take a break by taking a day or two off from work.

There are a lot of people who are in desperate need of a day off and while it may sound simple to just ‘call out’ the truth is that employers no longer simply accept that an employee doesn’t feel well or look the other way when they aren’t able to make it in to work. Thanks to all of the new rules and regulations that have been put in place by employers and government alike, the only thing that employers understand is a doctor’s excuse as a reason for missing any time from work. However, this brings a catch 22 situation into place because you may need to take a day or two break to avoid getting sick, but you’re not technically ill so you can’t go to the doctor. This leaves the question of what to do? If you need so great doctor’s excuses go here.


There is help for people in these types of situations it simply involves utilizing a doctor’s excuse to excuse their time away from work. While this is in no way an encouragement for people to abuse this type of suggestion, it is a way to help those who need a little break to recharge themselves in order to keep going. However, what is important to keep in mind is that this should in no way be abused and should be handled very responsibly.

The first step in using a doctor’s excuse is to keep in mind that if you are truly ill seeking a medical professional’s help is vital, however, if you only need a little break because of fatigue then this might be a simpler solution for you. When using a doctor’s excuse the first thing to keep in mind is that you will want to make certain that the excuse looks authentic. Grant you it’s easy enough to print up a document on the computer that might resemble a doctor’s excuse, however, these are easily detected as fakes and can possibly cost you your job. This is why it’s important to make certain that the excuse you use looks as authentic as possible to avoid any type of suspicion or possible problems. Check out this cool website.

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Dec 202013

sickdudeGot a big test at school the next day and you are unprepared? Hungover and don’t want to go into work tomorrow? You can fake being sick so that you can take the day off. The trick is to make your supposed illness look real. So, you need to plan your fake sickness from the beginning in order to convince people you are sick when you are really not. Be sure that this is something that you definitely want to do, because once you begin there is really no going back.The first thing you should do is to create your faux illness early, ideally the night before. You want to decide on a sickness and stick with it. This will greatly determine whether or not you will convince people such as family, teachers, friends, and bosses. Do your research. Know the symptoms of the illness you choose to fake. Make sure to pick a sickness with symptoms that are able to fake, such as a sore throat, tiredness, and a headache. Symptoms you do not want to attempt to fake are fever vomiting, and dizziness.

Your symptoms should start the night before for maximum effectiveness. But don’t go overboard with a display of your apparent sickness too early. A gradual onset is more believable, especially if you have to convince others that you live with that you are sick. Try to be consistent with your symptoms.

Another trick to make your sickness look real is to act as if you really want to go to school or work. Act disappointed and this will really convince people that you don’t want to stay home. Try not to take off more than one day, and be sure you are caught up with your work. One trick is to use a novelty false medical document.

It is not a good idea to fake an illness very often. You should only resort to this only when you are desperate. If people sense a pattern, all of your work could wind up blowing up in your face. Do not tell anyone else of your attempt to fake a sickness. The last thing you want is anyone doubting that you are ill.

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Dec 202013

When it comes to picking the right fake doctors note for your particular situation, there are a few details to consider. You want a doctors note template that offers a believable format, and you certainly do not want to get caught or even arouse suspicion. The best fake doctors note for you really depends on you, your age and gender, and your boss. If you have a grasp on these details, you can easily devise a doctors note for work or for school.

What Is The Goal Of Your Fake Doctors Note?
There are a lot of reasons to develop a doctors note for work, and those reasons will have a sound impact on the kind of note you choose to use. A single mental health day is easily covered by a fake doctors note from your yellchunkofdoctorsnotesfamily doctor. The flu and strep throat are both illnesses that boast quick recovery times. You may also choose to use a doctors note template for an emergency room visit that may have turned out to be minor.

If you need more time off, however, you will need to be a little more creative. A doctors note from a dermatologist can discuss a contagious rash and give you a return to work date that might fall after his or her receipt of yourdoctors-note-chunk1 lab tests. This could give you 3 to 5 days. A doctors note template from a gynecologist might cite a short hospital stay for a laparoscopic procedure is a great doctor excuse for a woman, while the notes in this case would be in the guise of medical forms and discharge instructions, also available at a number of sites.

What Is Your Office Policy On Doctors Notes For Work?
You must be sure to understand your employer’s policies on what must be included in a doctors note for work. Otherwise, even the most believable doctors note may not be accepted. When you set out to pick the right note, forms, and medical slips, you must have these policies in mind when you choose your examples. These are usually free and they give you the opportunity to decide which doctors note template works best for you. You should keep your employer’s policies in mind as you make your final decisions.

Choosing A Doctors Note For Work That Defies Question
There are certain topics that your employer will be hesitant to question. Serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer are excellent examples. While it is not advisable to hand in a fake doctors note with a diagnosis of cancer, a cancer screening will usually be treated as an acceptable reason to miss work. Women will find that fake doctors notes that cite gynecological issues are seldom questioned, especially when their bosses are men. The topic remains taboo, and men would prefer not to discuss them at all, either because they are uncomfortable or because the discussion could be construed as sexual harassment. The key is to find the right specialist that makes the most sense for you when turning in a fake doctors note. ONe site we really like is

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Dec 202013

cluster of notesFinding a fake doctors note online is not necessarily difficult. You can find a free doctors excuse or you can pay for one, but there are certain details to consider, whatever your choice may be, to make sure that the note you choose looks authentic. Remember that using a doctors note and getting caught can be highly detrimental to your career or to whatever relationship is involved in the transaction. When looking for just the right note, be sure to read through some examples with a critical eye to see if they will meet your needs before making a final decision.


Choose A Note That Makes Sense
The contents of your note should match the days off you need. For example, if you miss a week of work, a doctor’s note stating that you have a stomach virus or pink eye is not sufficient. Your boss or your teacher will see right away that the doctors excuse you are using does not match the time you have taken off. Also, you must ensure that the doctor’s specialty on your doctor’s note matches the ailment you claim to have. You would not see a dermatologist, for instance, if you have been suffering from the flu. As you choose the perfect template for your doctors note, you must keep these things in mind.

Pay Attention To Details

The details will catch the eye of your boss or teacher, and if you do not pay attention to ensuring that these details are correct, you will be caught. You want to find fake doctors notes that are designed like real doctors notes. They might look like prescription pads, as many doctor’s offices use prescription pads to write notes like these. Others may have a faded watermark; these kinds of devices will make your doctors excuses look authentic and believable.


A Good Doctors Note Is Verifiable
As you are looking for just the right doctors excuses, you must find one that is verifiable, either by the seller of the notes or in another manner. That means that if your school administrator, employer, or probation officer picks up the phone and calls the number, they will be satisfied that the number does, indeed, belong to the hospital or physician’s office in question. The name and address look real, and the phone number works.


Be Sure You Look The Part
If your fake doctors note states that you have the flu, or pink eye, or some other malady that would have lingering effects, it is best if you do not return to work, bouncing off the walls with energy. You do not have to act sick, but it must be believable that you have been sick. In order for your doctors notes to work, you must look and act the part you have set up for yourself. One site we really like is!.


Don’t Overdo It
An occasional trip to the emergency room or doctor is acceptable to most employers and school officials. An authentic looking doctors note will give you the pass you need to stay in good standing. However, if you are using a free doctors note once a week, your superiors are going to become suspicious. The key is to bring in these medical slips once in a while, so as not to draw too much attention your use of them.

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Dec 202013

There comes a time in every teenager’s high school career when they are poorly prepared for an upcoming exam. Between homework, classes, sports, family, and friends, sometimes there simply isn’t enough time for extra studying. This happens to even the best of students, and can easily cause unneeded stress in a student’s life.

doctors-note-chunk1-300x209If you are in this situation, there is no need to panic. Instead of going into the test unprepared, take the extra time that you need to study for your exam and go in the next day ready to get an A. But how can you take the extra time you need to study without getting in trouble at school for missing the original exam?
To avoid getting in trouble at school while still giving yourself the extra time to study for your test, you can give a fake doctor’s note to your teacher. Fake doctor notes work for unexcused absences as long as they are done correctly.

Most students who think of this solution write their own fake doctor’s note at home. This is not a good idea at all and is likely to land you in a lot of trouble at school. Notes made at home are very unprofessional-looking and it is especially easy for a teacher to deem them fake. If you make your own fake doctor’s note, you are most likely going to get a zero on the exam that you missed and will probably get an unfriendly call home to your parents as well.


The same is bound to happen if you use a template that you find online. While students often think these templates help their fake doctor’s notes look more professional, they are just as easily discovered to be fake by teachers and administration. They are missing the details that are needed to make a fake doctor’s look real and will usually land you in the same mess that making your own note at home would.

The only way to successfully stay home to study for that extra day and not have to worry about suffering the consequences at school is by purchasing fake doctor’s notes off of one of many potential websites. These notes are very authentic-looking and are sold at a very reasonable price. They are also sold in packages that include notes from specific doctors, such as a chiropractor, podiatrist, or dentist. The more specific the doctor’s note is, the more believable it is. You can print these notes off from your computer immediately after purchasing them, so you don’t have to worry about shipping fees or waiting for them to arrive.

Just because you aren’t completely prepared for an exam does not mean that you have to do poorly on it. Take the extra time that you need to study and hand in a fake doctor’s note the next day. As long as you purchase this fake doctor’s note online, you will be given the opportunity to do well on your test without having to worry about any consequences at school.

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